Dietitian Nutritionist Founder

Asiyah Roman


Asiyah Roman is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the founder of DietRD Nutrition Unlimited LLC. Her pursuit of Nutrition and everything about food started with her achieving her B.S. in Dietetics from Michigan State University, and subsequently completing her Fellowship at Children's Hospital in Detroit to obtain further expertise in Pediatric Nutrition.

Asiyah's specialties include eating disorders in adults, adolescents and children, disordered eating, emotional eating, mindful eating practice, general wellness, and specialized dietary regimens for certain medical conditions. Asiyah brings with her years of experience in the field along with an exuberant passion for nutrition and health. Her clients find her style to be warm, accessible, patient, empowering, and sensitive to their individualized needs. She is highly committed to meeting clients where they are and facilitating realistic change in their lives.


Asiyah's past accomplishments include setting up the program for Cardiac Health while working at Methodist Group of Hospitals in Peoria and serving as the media spokeswoman for nutrition and health. Asiyah took her expertise in Cardiology and Pediatrics to Loyola Medical Center in Chicago while expanding her knowledge to eating disorders by joining Insight Psychological Centers. At Insight Psychological Centers she was the main dietitian on the north shore where she streamlined the nutrition program for all the locations, wrote articles for their newsletter, saw individual clients, conducted meal/nutrition groups, and mindful eating groups.

Today, through DietRD Nutrition Unlimited LLC, she offers nutrition counseling for individuals, couples, and groups. She also offers nutrition education classes, grocery store tours, social meal groups, and support groups for clients with eating disorders. She is able to reach her clients near and far to provide them with her wealth of knowledge and expertise in person, through her website, or by using DietRD-Tele (Phone, Skype or FaceTime sessions)

DietRD - Tele Nutrition

Distance and Time should not stop you from getting the BEST care you deserve. With DietRD - Tele, the service's we provide in person is just a click away. You just need a webcam or a phone to reach us

Special Needs

We strive to better understand the challenges unique to individuals with special healthcare needs to ensure they receive individualized nutrition care and help them lead more active lives.

Corporate Nutrition Classes

Looking for a energetic speaker for a conference, meeting, lunch & learn, sports team, bridal shower, community or wellness event? DietRD provides group nutrition education and corporate wellness presentations for companies, sports teams, health clubs and more.

Wedding Weight Loss

Want to lose weight for your wedding? Need to fit into that dress? Look no further and skip the expensive, magical pill or product that promises weight loss. At DeitRD we will setup the SMART goals for you to make you look and feel good on your big day without making you feel deprived or lethargic.

Dining Groups

Do u have hesitation to dine out or go to a social gathering involving food? DietRD's dining/meal social group will help you feel comfortable with social gatherings at a friends house or at a restaurant. Join us as your host along with peers in the same situation who are trying to get more comfortable with social eating. After our outing we will get together for a one on one session to process the situation and create SMART goals to help you get stronger and say YES to your next event! .

Grocery Tours

Healthy life begins at home. Grocery Store is the place where people make decisions about what they bring into their homes and feed their families day in and day out. with a DietRD dietitian we will help you to make better food choices, show you how to read labels, introduce new ingredients or alternatives, pick out healthy on-the-go options, answer your food and nutrition questions and provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips.